Soner Temel Mühendislik
  • The fundamental policy of our company is to respect to the interests of the society, to be sensitive toward the environment and respect to the human health and safety
  • To give importance to the commitments made in customer relations.
  • To offer an economical, reliable, punctual service in accordance with international standards, via specialized personnel.
  • To increase the competitiveness of the company within the country and abroad by following the updated technologies and innovations and consequently by being open to progress.
  • To ensure the active and dynamic participation of employees by assigning responsibility and authority to them
  • To establish and steadily improve the mutual trust, understanding and cooperation between the employees and the company administration by using effective communication methods
  • To establish and apply effective training programs for the employees with the purpose of orientation to the job, to ensure the improvement of their technical and professional skills and to strengthen the understanding of Quality Management among all employees.
  • To assign the right person for the right job by taking into consideration the specific requirements of the relevant job and the skillset of the employee; ensuring the individual development by bringing together the expectations of the employees and the targets of the company
  • To take necessary measures to ensure “0“ work accident
  • To establish the necessary terms and conditions to increase the motivation and loyalty of the employees towards the company
  • To establish and improve the systems needed for team working, individual creativity and the spirit of Cooperation
  • To comply with all legal regulations and other requirements related to Labor Health and Safety
  • To give all kind of effort needed for the recognition and improvement of environmental consciousness.
  • To be at the maximum level of compliance with environment oriented rules and criteria ordered by the relevant standards, regulations and laws.
  • To inform the employees, subcontractors, suppliers and visitors with the aim and spirit of our environmental policy.
  • To encourage the employees in their participation in the preservation of the environment
  • During the execution of our works, to identify the impacts of the work to the environment, and if a negative impact is observed, finding solutions to minimize it
  • During the execution of the works, to use the natural resources (water - electricity – fuel – etc.) efficiently and to prevent unnecessary consumptions.
  • To educate the employees for environmental consciousness to influence their behavior both in their business and social environments.