Istanbul Metro 3rd stage, Levent Ayazaga Section Construction Work

Between shaft 6 Km: 22+405,338 (Line 1) and Hacıosman Tail Tunnels Km:24+522,75 (Line 1); ITU Ayazaga Station Pedestrian Connection Tunnel, Ataturk Automotive Industry Station Pedestrian Connection Tunnel, Seyrantepe Pedestrian Connection Tunnels, tunnel excavation support and final reinforced concrete pavement and shaft productions (2.803,8 m type A tunnel, 709,42 m type B1 tunnel, 123,42 m type B3 tunnel, 847,3 m type P tunnel, 161,07 m special type tunnel, 359,46 m type C tunnel, 17838 m type T tunnel, 104,2 m construction shaft) Darussafaka Station, Haciosman Station, Ataturk Automotive Industry Station Transformer Building excavation-shoring and sough reinforced concrete construction works.

  • Place:Istanbul /TURKEY
  • Partnership :
  • Employer: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
  • Scope: Bored Tunnel Production – Excavation Support with New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM); Station Construction – Cut-Cover Construction Method